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Tuesday, January 24


E & I set off this morning to use our free 5 lb. document shredding coupon at Office Depot.  Unfortunately, I got the stores mixed up and ended up at Office Max instead.  I was not terribly disappointed though... for you see, next door was the wonderful World Market :D.  With E strapped on in my Ergo, we took a quick stroll around the store.  

Upon entering, we got to sample some peppermint hot chocolate tea.  I was hesitant to try it at first, but it turned out to be ok.  E LOVED it... yes, I let my one year old drink tea. sometimes. herbal tea.  sometimes...  o.O  

We found some interesting items... bacon syrup (seems like something chef Michael Symon would like)

unfortunately, not big enough for me... ;)

 I'd love to have a stash of these Nutella Minis in my bag :D...

 I'd love to try...

A friend of ours picked these up in Germany for us... nice to know we can find them here too :)

We actually made it out of the store without purchasing a single thing! My wallet was very happy  :D  And yes, we did eventually make our way to Office Depot.  Here's the printable coupon, in case, anyone needs to do some shredding.  It expires on the 28th.  

Back tomorrow with another fun little DIY! :)

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