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Thursday, January 26


Even though it's only been two years, the wall above the couches in our family room has already undergone a few changes.  Like our formal dining room wall, it's a rather large space and I had been trying to find a budget friendly way to fill it. Random pieces of art just didn't feel right and didn't have much meaning, so I decided to create my own canvases.  With two blank canvases, some acrylic paint, and painters tape, my first attempt looked like this:

They didn't quite come out like I wanted to, but they hung on that wall for a few months.  Then one night as I was browsing online, I found this:

I really liked the idea and decided to make the pair myself. Here's how mine turned out:

(A few months later, I found an Ethan Allen ottoman on Craigslist for $25 and reupholstered it myself with a fabric that would compliment the canvases.)

Here's how you can make the canvases too! :)


2 -  20" x 20" blank canvas
ConTact paper (self-adhesive vinyl; cheapest found at Walmart with the shelf liners)
folk art acrylic paint in lemon custard
folk art acrylic paint in metallic rose
apple barrel acrylic paint in burnt umber
apple barrel acrylic paint in pewter grey 
americana acrylic paint in snow (titanium) white
small paint brush
sponge roller
exacto blade or craft knife


Using the sponge roller, evenly apply 2-3 layers of the lemon custard on the canvases.

While the canvases dry, sketch a picture of the cherry blossoms on the back of the ConTact paper. Cut out the sketch with an exacto blade or craft knife. What is left of the ConTact paper (not the cut-out) will serve as your stencil.  

Next, peel off the backing of your stencil and carefully place the sticky side onto the dry canvas. Make sure you smooth out all the edges that will be met by paint before painting. This will help prevent paint seeping into unwanted areas and produce a clean finish. When you are ready, paint in all the empty areas with the desired colors. When you are done, carefully pull off the ConTact "stencil."

Wipe off any extra paint and reapply your stencil to the second canvas and repeat.  

*You can frame the canvas or paint in your own like I  *did by mixing the pewter grey with the snow (titanium) white for a metallic finish.  

* * * * * * *

Also, yesterday DIYShowOff featured a makeover I did last week!  Click on the button below to take a peek.  Thanks so much for the feature, Roeshel!

The DIY Show Off


  1. Your artwork turned out great, and I love the ottoman!


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