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Sunday, January 8


So a few days ago, I decided to go through all the stuff that I've kept from my teaching days. It was taking up WAY too much space in my baby boy's closet.  My goal was to purge, purge, purge... Since the only chance of me actually getting this done was AFTER he went to sleep, I had to haul all the bins upon bins of stuff into our guest room.  You can imagine the amount of stuff that was thrown everywhere... It seemed as if the items had multiplied exponentially...o.O

Which brings us to last night...

I was in the middle of sorting through the remainder of the items when suddenly I had a light bulb moment!  Being me, of course, my great idea had NOTHING to do with what I was doing.  (Am I the only weird one who's like this...??)  I raced to my room to get my LED twinkle lights and grabbed my Bath & Body Works metal oil warmer.

Ta Da!!!

I had rolled up my twinkle lights and stuffed them into the metal warmer.  I was inspired by what YoungHouseLove did with their lights. In the second picture, you can see the beautiful pattern that the warmer casts on the wall.  It now serves as a nightlight in my baby's room.  The battery-powered LED lights make it perfectly safe to keep on all night.  I love it when I can re-use/re-purpose items without spending a dime! :D

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