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Tuesday, January 10


I don't know about you, but as much as I love Pinterest, a lot of times I find myself sucked in and overwhelmed by the abundance of DIY projects that I come across on the web.  Once I see an awesome project, it's hard for me to just mentally "file it away" and come back to it later.  (You can ask my wonderful husband who's put up with all my late night projects o.O)  Especially since purchasing our house a few years ago, I was determined to DIY as much as I could to avoid the insane costs that comes with decorating a home.  10... 20 projects later, what I ended up with was a house full of items that are great... just not all great together.  So at the end, a lot of my completed projects end up piled away in my closet.  

So... how DO you avoid DIYer-remorse? How do you know what to make/choose for your home without being drawn to the other hundred FANTASTIC projects that inspire you as well?  

I had the wonderful opportunity of getting some helpful tips from Kate, a super talented DIYer/ bargain hunter/blogger.  Here's her take on my dilemma:

"Well, I think more and more the collected over time look has really surged to the forefront of design.  "Themes" are out and "Personality" is in!  No longer do rooms look like they all came from one catalog, rather the best rooms are a collection of items that are chosen over a period of time.  I think it's best to have a jumping off point, whether it's a rug or piece of fabric, to guide you in the style and color scheme, but mostly you should pick and choose what works for you!  Also, it's great to gather inspiration from a lot of sources or go searching for inspiration online (I love Pinterest for just that) and once you narrow down a "look" you're drawn to, look deeper into the space and decide what it is about that space that you like.  The style of furniture?  The color palette?  Keep an inspiration folder handy with measurements so when you come across a piece of furniture or fabric, you can turn to your files and use them as your guide!  And trust your instincts too, if you really love something, then find a way to incorporate it in your home, regardless of trends in interior design."

  1. Have a plan... helps to keep you from veering off when you find yourself distracted by all the other sparkly, pretty things o.O
  2. Have a jumping off point to work from... this way you can take the colors, style, etc as your guide.  
  3. It's YOUR home! Incorporate items because you love them... not because they're the current trend!

Thanks, Kate!

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