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Friday, January 6


As I've mentioned in the past post, my main goal this year is to really take care of my daily spiritual eating and drinking.  For a long time, I'm embarrassed to say for how long, I've put so many other things ahead of my time with the Lord.  Inwardly, I sensed the lack and the need to be regularly fed with His Word.  However, life always provided me with excuses =(.

In my reading of 1 Thessalonians today, the apostle Paul speaks of turning to God from idols to serve a living and true God (1:9). The God we serve is not just the God in the heavens merely working in our environment to help us with our daily problems. He is the One who is living inside of us and one with us!  

So why is it that I often feel like He's far away? It is because I am not letting Him "live" in me.  He's in me, but I do not say amen whenever He's inwardly adjusting and correcting me.  Whenever He gently reminds me to spend time with Him, I find myself putting it off and eventually forgetting to altogether.  Slowly, this disregard eventually left me numb and distant.  

I realize lately that all I really have is my time.  It is precious and should be used wisely.  The enemy will always be trying to occupy my time with something (sigh, like browsing the hundreds of blogs I'm addicted to reading every day on my phone, running errands, chasing after my little man)... turning my attention away from Christ.  I've let so many things become my "idols"... letting them draw me away from Christ.  

I apologize, in advance, for not being the most eloquent "sharer." But I cannot let even that keep me from enjoying and speaking.  Here's a song that I'd like to leave you all with this weekend:

Be calm in thy soul,
Each thought and each temper
Beneath His control.
Thus led by His Spirit
to fountains of love.
Thou then shall be fitted
His mercies to prove.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! ^.^

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