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Tuesday, January 24


So funny story, this project was not my original intention when I first started. I had initially gathered all my supplies to create this sunburst mirror that I had been eyeing for a while on Pinterest.  The huge wall in our formal dining room had been empty for more than a year and needed something to fill it.  This DIY seemed pretty cool and would be large enough to fill that space.

Unfortunately, after many hours of painting and gluing the pieces together, when I finally completed it, I was not at all happy with the way it looked.  I felt like I was in an Aztec temple... o.O Perhaps it was the paint color or the type of sticks I had... Whatever it was, it just wasn't working for me.    

Sad that I had put so much time and effort into it, I decided to break the whole thing down and use the sticks to make something else. Here's what I ended up with:

For some reason, the green appears neon in the picture, but it really looks a lot better in person.  (I need to work on my photography skills o.O)  Right now, it is happily sitting on our mantle in our family room.  P.S. I love this song by Howard Higashi!

Here's how you can create this yourself:

valspar 12 oz. brown velvet satin premium spray paint
30 wooden paint stir sticks (you can get these for free if you ask around some paint stores)
4 craft mirrors
1 decocolor acrylic paint marker in light green
hot glue gun + sticks

First, lay two paint sticks side by side (forming a horizontal line).  Glue 21 sticks across the top (lying vertically) with the glue gun.  Trim off any excess wood with scissors.  Gently flip the whole thing over and glue two more sticks across the bottom over the 21 sticks.  For extra reinforcement, you may glue on additional sticks to the back. 

Next, glue on the craft mirrors at each corner.  Once the whole piece has dried, place it over some newspapers.  Spray paint the entire piece in brown velvet.  Let it dry for half an hour.  Lastly, pick the quote of your choice and write it on with the acrylic marker.  


  1. Very Pretty!!! I actually like the flashy green even though you say it's not green like that in person :)

    Thanks for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality!!

    1. Aww you are too sweet! I kind of like it too ;)

  2. Such a neat idea! What a great use for paint sticks. I would have never thought to do something like that.


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