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Monday, January 30


Before I get to how I made this wreath, here's the back-story...

When we first moved into our house, the previous owners had left behind three pairs of khaki linen curtains in the family room. Although we didn't end up using them, they were still in great condition and I decided to challenge myself and see how many projects I could get out of it. So far, I've used it to make a few items:

My husband's old batty Office Depot chair use to look similar to the one below on the left.   Here's the "after" on the right.  Definitely not the fanciest makeover... but it was the first time I've ever reupholstered anything.  

Here were some simple curtains that I made for our laundry room:

Then a few months ago, I found another great use for those linen curtains when I came across all the adorable fall burlap wreaths that were popping up on Pinterest. I liked this one in particular by Jones Design Company:

Which is how I ended up making this:


Styrofoam wreath
linen fabric
straight pins
hot glue gun & glue sticks


I started out by cutting a strip of fabric to wrap up my wreath.  

Next, I cut 2 more strips of fabric about 10 inches wide and folded them in half with the inside facing out.  I used straight pins to keep my fabric in place, sewed straight down with a half inch seam and then flipped the fabrics right side out to hide the seam.       

I tied one end of a long stick (chopsticks, pencil, wooden dowel, etc.) with the elastic strip.  I carefully slid the stick through the fabric and pulled it out on the other end and tied the elastic together. (Depending on how large and how ruffled you want your wreath to look will determine where you tie your elastic together.  The shorter you tie it, the smaller and more scrunched up the fabric will be to create more ruffles.)  I repeated the same steps with the other strip of fabric.  

*For my particular project, I made one strip larger and the other slightly smaller.

Finally,  hot glue your two "ruffled" strips on to the wreath, starting with the outer layer first.  

I hung it by tying it at the top with a ribbon of my choice! :)


  1. So pretty! Love the wreath!!
    and kudos to you for re-using those linen curtains for various projects!
    How resourceful! :)

    1. I'm so glad you got to stop by! Thank you for all the sweet comments!

  2. It turned out great! You're so stinkin' creative. :)

    If my sewing machine wasn't broken, I would so do this tonight. Bummer, but I will bookmark this and hopefully make it someday!

    1. So happy you liked it, Taylor! You could always try iron-on hem tape or just hot glue the fabrics together? Just some suggestions :)


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