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Thursday, January 12


"The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all."  

The love of God is God Himself as the source.  The grace of God is the Lord Himself, as the expression of God, as life to us for our enjoyment.  The fellowship of the Spirit is the Spirit Himself as the impartation/ transmission of the grace with the love.

These are not three separate matters but three aspects of one thing, just as the Lord, God, and the Holy Spirit are not three separate Gods but three hypostases, the supporting substances, that compose the one Godhead.  
- taken from The Holy Word for Morning Revival, p.30 -

What I enjoyed from this morning was that God is Triune not for us to understand doctrinally, but so that He can enter into us as the Spirit to be the reality of our life for our enjoyment.  Everything God went through was so that He could reach man! 

The love of God and grace of Christ
And fellowship of the Holy Spirit
Be with you, be with you all,
Be with you all, be with you all.

From the throne of our God and the Lamb
Flows a river of water of life,
Bright as crystal, reaching man.

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