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Monday, January 23


I tend to get discouraged from cooking when too much is involved.... too much time, too many ingredients, too many pots and pans that I'll have to wash afterwards, and too much money. Before E was born, I had a lot more time and motivation to whip up fancy meals.  However, these days, quick, easy, and healthy are the only things on my mind.  Here's a yummy soup that I make often for those nights when I just need a break! By using cream style corn, I was able to get the gooey effect without having to add the cornstarch mixture at the end.  

*I made this last night and served it with some fried rice (I'll post my recipe for that at a later date).

1 14 3/4 oz. can of Sweet Corn Cream Style (I used Del Monte's)
2 C of chicken broth
2 eggs (lightly beaten)
Salt & White pepper
Scallions (sliced thin)

Combine chicken broth and corn in a small pot over medium high.  Once they come to a rolling boil, remove from heat and drizzle the eggs into the pot by pouring it slowly through the tines of a fork about 5 inches above the pot.  Gently stir the soup in one direction.  The eggs should appear like silky threads in the soup.  Season with salt and white pepper for desired taste.  Garnish with scallions and enjoy!  

*yes, I know that my picture is missing some scallions... 

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