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Thursday, March 22


{Please excuse the previous post. My clumsy fingers hit the "publish" button again before it was ready. Sorry!}

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As I had mentioned yesterday, we are bringing back the "blues" to our family room! It started with painting our cherry blossom canvases to transforming some old glass bottles/vases into these simple beauties. Kate @ Centsational Girl had also created similar vases this week if you'd like to check it out! 

For this project I already had some leftover blue latex paint (valspar misty interior in eggshell) that we used for our guest bedroom. I poured about a quarter to half a cup of paint into the bottles with about a T of water, stirred them together well with a long skewer, and then swirled the paint around the inside until the bottles were fully covered. 

Tip: If your bottle is too deep, mix the paint first before pouring it in.

Then I turned the bottles upside down on top of a paper towel-lined cookie sheet for about an hour to drain out the excess paint. 

And that's it! Really! :) Don't you just love quick DIYs?! Now they're sitting beautifully on top of our shelves next to our TV.  I'm loving the coastal touch it adds to the room!

There are still a few more things that I'd like to change/add, however I'm going to take it slow this time around. :) I will keep you all posted!


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