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Friday, March 30


It's that time of the week again...yay for Friday! :) E learned hand motions to the song "You Are My Sunshine" and has been making me sing it to him all week. Even after the 50th time, I still can't get enough of him... I guess it's because I'm his mommy huh? It's crazy how much he picks up now and how much personality this little guy has. My husband and I are constantly amazed whenever we watch him. Sigh...where has my little baby gone???

I also wanted to take a minute and thank all my readers for your sweet comments this week! :D I'm so grateful that you took time to encourage me on DIYs that even I wasn't so sure about. You all are just awesome! :)

Here's another roundup of my favorites that I hope you all will enjoy. There's one that I'm especially excited about... when you get to it, you'll have to let me know what you think.

1) Nail polish colored keys: Easy way to color-code your keys.
2) Door jammer: Never worry again about waking up your kids when going in to
check on them!
3) Colored pencil jewelry: Creative way to use up old broken pencils.
4) Don't want to spend money on paint pens? Replace the top of your acrylic paint bottle with a glue bottle top and you're all set!
5) Coffee filter roses: Simply gorgeous! Great for wedding or shower centerpieces.
6) Fried marbles: This is by far THE COOLEST thing I came across this week! Bake marbles @ 325-350, immediately dump them in ice water and watch them crack on the inside! I cannot wait to try this!

Take care everyone and have a wonderful weekend!

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