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Friday, August 10


Hope this week treated you all well. :) I'm loving the cool-er weather today (translation: double digits instead of triple here in Texas o.O) and praying that it stays this way for the weekend.

I've been busy this week with all my sewing projects so didn't have much time to browse around as much. Here's a few that I did find though that I hope you'll enjoy too!

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Hymn that I'm currently enjoying:

O how nigh the Lord is unto all who call on Him!
When we call, His very presence strengthens us within.
Seeking Jesus, He is found, and calling, He is near—
O what a comfort to our hearts to call His name so dear!

Jesus! O what a name!
O Lord Jesus! Life-giving name!
Name victorious, name all-glorious,
Name exalted—O what a name!
Jesus! Strengthening name!
O Lord Jesus! Comforting name!
Name to breathe in prayer, calling everywhere,
"O Lord Jesus!" O what a name!

Call upon the name of Jesus, and you will be saved,
O Lord Jesus, hallelujah, nevermore enslaved!
We may take salvation's cup by calling on the Lord;
Salvation from a host of things does His dear name afford.

To the Lord, the Jew, the Greek and everyone's the same;
He is rich unto all men that call upon His name.
O Lord Jesus, what a joy to call and really live;
When breathing in Thy name, what pleasure Thou
to us dost give.

In the God of our salvation we may take delight,
Calling on His name at all times, though in bliss or blight.
I will call upon His name as long as I shall live,
Because He has inclined His ear, and grace so full does give.

We will call upon the Lord, who's worthy of our praise;
Thus our grateful hearts in worship we to Him may raise.
We are those who call upon His name in every place
With all the saints who from a pure heart call and taste His grace.

Be back next week with another stenciled DIY and the final Martha Stewart Craft Stencil giveaway that you're going to love! :) 


  1. I am so craving ice cream because of that dessert photo! :)


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