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Friday, August 31


Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all had a good week. :) Last night, we had a very sweet time with some friends (fellow believers) that we had over for dinner. It's funny how as the host, you think that you would be the one providing the care (through food, conversations, etc.) However by the end of the night, I felt like we were all being cared for by one another. 

That's the thing I appreciate so much about being with other believers. Even though we knew one of them very well, the other one we had just met last night.  He probably wasn't even aware, but through sharing his testimony and honest experiences of how he came to really know the Lord, I felt like the Lord was speaking and caring for the rest of us sitting there.  

At the end of the night, we all just appreciated how we are all members of His Body.  We don't need to worry so much about our spiritual condition, our abilities or lack of, or anything else. As long as we stay connected to the other members, then we will receive the supply from Christ, the Head. Also many times, it is through the other members that Christ flows His care to us. =)

We'd experience Christ daily,
Him we would constantly pursue.
Our pursuing has a purpose
To build His Body is our view.

Occupy us for Your Body.
Grace supplying, You afford.
Always bearing, always caring,
By Your grace we'd be outpoured.

Grant us, Lord, a willing spirit.
To build Your Body we would strive.
By our measure we would function,
Until full grown we'd all arrive.

As the members of His Body,
Each one is now a life supply.
Serving Christ to one another,
In love, His Body built thereby.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *   *

On our library trip a few weeks ago, E and I found the cutest little book called "We Belong Together" by Joyce Wan. Ok, yes this is not the most educational book, but the illustrations were just too adorable! Here are a few sample pages:


  1. Those books are so cute. I'm a big fan of the bacon and eggs combo ;)

    Thanks for participating in the GFC Hop on ModaMama!


  2. newest follower via the gfc blog hop! love following people that have commonality and love the Lord. cute library books - I can't wait to take my little one to the library and read to her....she doesn't quite understand just yet though. ha.

  3. Nice to meet ya found you on the GFC~! Excited to be your newest friend.

  4. How cute!!!

    Stopping by from GFC hop. Love for you to stop by and return the follow when you can. Hosting Like Me on Facebook later tonight. Love to have you!

  5. That book is so cute! it definitely made me smile.

  6. That book is sooo adorable, love it! New follower via the GFC blog hop :)


  7. I love that! Too bad my babies are too old for board books :( But a good baby shower gift perhaps!

  8. I've just found your blog on Melissa's GFC blog hop and am so excited to be following along! I need more Christ in my daily life! :)

    I would love if you could stop by my blog and say hi!

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  9. I am happy to read you had a good night with fellow believers. That book is adorable!


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