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Thursday, August 9


Hi friends! I wanted to pop in really quick today to share with you all this little tip I accidentally came up with on organizing those pesky ribbons. Roll them up, snap on some binder clips and hang them up on your bulletin board with some thumbtacks. I love how neat and accessible they are now!

How do you all organize your ribbons? I'd love to hear from you! :)

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P.S. Just FYI, I respond to each of my comments via email. Recently, I've been unable to respond back to a lot of my readers' comments because they were listed as "no reply bloggers." An easy way to fix this is to:
  • Go to Blogger Profile
  • Go to Edit Profile 
  • Look in the Privacy section 
  • Check the box that says "show my email address" 
  • Go to the Identity section, and enter an email address 
  • Click Save Profile
Now I totally understand if you do not want to disclose your personal email address. Trust me, I'm very paranoid about privacy issues.  So if you have a separate Blogger email, you can use that instead and have those emails forwarded to your personal account. Otherwise if you just don't really care that much about getting responses, then that's perfectly cool too. ;) Just thought you should know. 


  1. Awesome, I adore it! Pinning this super smart idea now! Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. You are so organized! I am impressed! :)

  3. Just thumbtacks and binder clips. This is so smart!


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