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Monday, June 4


Happy Monday everyone! Sorry for this very late post. Today got a lot busier than I expected, but the night ended well. We had two couples over for dinner and had a very sweet time with them. We read and prayed over a verse together in Matthew 6 and enjoyed seeing that as children of God, we must live a sanctified life, a daily life separated from being common, a life that expresses God in our living.  This is not something we work out on our own, but it's by being nourished and supplied by the Word everyday and pursuing Christ with "those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart." (2 Tim. 2:22)

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Like I promised, here's my DIY for today. :)

With E still in diapers, his room gets kind of smelly sometimes. We never bought one of those fancy disposal pails and have just been using a regular trash can. I open the windows a lot to air out the room, but sometimes there's still a lingering smell. I don't really like air freshening sprays because of all the toxins.

We've been using baking soda instead to help absorb the smells. I like to store them in to-go containers that I get from restaurants, especially the ones below because they're small, sturdy, and have air-tight lids. These were from Torchy's and La Madeleine's.

Normally we use the baking soda by itself. However last week, I decided to experiment and added a few drops of the scented oils I had from Bath & Body Works. Although they're synthetic and not as good as the essential oils, I feel OK using them since I use so little and am not burning them. It ended up working out very well and has kept his room smelling fresh. About every 3 or 4 days, I'd gently shake it up to activate the scent again.

I use the BBW's stress relief eucalyptus spearmint oil for E's room and the frosted cranberry oil in our bathroom.

Supplies: to-go container with lid, baking soda, scented oils, hammer & nail

  • gently tap some holes into the plastic lid with a nail and hammer
  • fill  1/3 of the container with baking soda
  • add 3-5 drops of your preferred scented oil
  • gently shake the container to activate the scent
Super easy right?! Have any of you tried making this before? Or do you have other ways of getting rid of unpleasant odors? Please share! :)


  1. Huh! What a neat idea, Weiya! I have never made my own air freshener but I may have to try this one out.
    Hope you are having a great Tuesday. :)


  2. ooo i like this because some of the store selling ones are way too strong!
    ps... you're bulletin board is kind of featured on my post today, weiyaweiya!
    happy tuesday!

  3. This is a super fun idea! I usually use scented candles, but I am all over finding a more natural way to get rid of smells!

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  5. For the kitchen I use scented candles from Yankees. In my bathrooms, I leave these Lavender botanic shea butter bar soap from Bella Lux, and Sudbury & Saxon, they smell great. I would love to try this out.

  6. WEIYA!!! This is a GREAT idea!! I didn't realize we could make our own Air Freshener!!

    Thank you for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality! Can't wait to see what you link up this evening!


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