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Wednesday, June 6


Today E and I spent a wonderful day with our good friend BB and his sweet mommy, Joyce. I was actually feeling kind of low this morning, but our little visit was exactly what I needed.  For most of you who don't know her, we met each other through teaching when we got placed in the same grade level.  From the outside she and I are quite different. She's this cute stylish Korean girl who's super outgoing, speaks her mind and funny as can be.  I'm a quiet "jeans and tshirt" Chinese girl who keeps to myself most of the time and will voice my opinion only when I have to.  

Maybe it's because we're so different that we work - but for whatever reason, I'm super thankful to the Lord for her. :)  We both stopped teaching the same time and had our first babies around the same time too so it's been neat having her to share these experiences with.  We both had our good and not so good times, but we trust the Lord and His hand over everything in our lives.  

We spent some time at her house today watching the kids play.  Her little BB has grown up so much and recently started to walk around by himself. It was seriously the cutest thing - I could've just sat there and watched him for hours!

For lunch, we got some yummy Korean food - my fave. :D I tell her many times that deep down I'm really Korean. ;)  Wanting something different, I tried out this spicy brisket soup with cellophane noodles that Joyce had suggested.  It was SO delicious - definitely coming back for more next time! 

Meanwhile our kids were doing their thing - BB happily eating like a good little boy and E getting completely distracted and NOT wanting to eat anything except his snacks. o.O 

The highlight of that time though was when E decided to parade his lunch bag on his head and BB totally cracking up when he saw him! I've never seen BB laugh like that! E totally loving the attention kept doing what he was doing, while BB just laughed and laughed and laughed with his little cute nose all scrunched up! 

We ended our day with some Yogurtland before heading back for their naps. [I don't know about  you, Joyce, but E and I totally crashed when we got home. The surprise thunderstorm was kind of nice to fall asleep to. ] 

If you haven't yet, please do stop by Joyce's awesome blog sometime and say Hi! She always has the cutest outfits posted and shares lots of DIYs and yummy recipes as well! 


  1. Yum! I've never had Korean food. Looks like you had a great day :)

  2. Awww weiyaweiyaaa i seriously almost teared up reading this post... I didnt even know you were feeling low this morning... :(. I hope you're all ok now! I'm so happy God brought us together as friends and even E and Bb can become good friends too. Seeing you guys always makes my day! :D here's to many many great fun times!! Love ya!!!!!! :)

  3. Sound like such fun! : )

    Praying God lifts you up sweet sister!! <3

    This is what the LORD says to his anointed...

    I will go before you
    and will level the mountains;
    I will break down gates of bronze
    and cut through bars of iron.
    3 I will give you hidden treasures,
    riches stored in secret places,
    so that you may know that I am the Lord,
    the God of Israel, who summons you by name.
    Isaiah 45


  4. It is a good thing to have a good friend! :D


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