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Friday, January 18


Something about new bedding just makes me really really happy. :) Not at all in my price range, but these graphic stripe duvet sets from Dwell Studio totally make my heart skip. 

I love browsing stores like World Market, T.J.Maxx and Marshalls for interesting snacks. I found this one for my husband who's a huge dark chocolate cookie lover.  They were super yummy paired with a large cup of earl grey milk tea latte.

Free Printable 2013 Wall Calendars from Toffee Magazine

I usually just throw our stuffed animals in the washer and dryer (even though it's not recommended)... how do you all clean yours? Here's a helpful tip from Mama's Laundry Talk.

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*   *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Oh how sweet it is just to know my Christ!
Knowing Him’s the goal of my whole life.
Gaining Him supplies me, day by day,
He’s rich, He’s excellent in every way.
I’m fully captured by Him, my All in all,
He fills my heart with faith to love Him when I call.
Every day He grows more as faith in me
As I dwell one with Him organically.

As a stream of love, how His life flows in!
Motivating us to just love Him.
So we give ourselves; Lord, do grow in us
May we know You in Your preciousness.
O Lord, do make us one as we run toward You,
Pursuing corporately in everything we do
With the saints until full maturity
As Your loving counterpart eternally.

Much grace,

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