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Thursday, August 1


I know. I know. I said this wouldn't turn into a baby blog, but then again...this is just my life these 
days. This is actually the first project that I've worked on since baby #2.  I was so happy with the results that I thought I'd share. :)

Since he's been born, little brother's had a flat head on one side of his head. He loves looking to his right and had developed a huge flat spot which made him want to rest his head that way even more. I tried putting him on his tummy more often, turning his head from side to side when he's sleeping, but this little guy's just stubborn. A LOT more stubborn than E. As soon as I turned his head, he'd jerk it straight back. 

I started looking into ways to help him. For sure, I did not want my son wearing a helmet because I felt like he was still too young. My friend Joyce at Sip-N-Wear recommended the Babymoon pillow.  She's been using it for her baby girl and found it to help some.

$30 seemed like a lot though for a tiny pillow that looked like a miniature boppy.  I also didn't want to order it and risk it not working out. The pillow looked simple enough, so I decided to make it myself.

First, I created a pattern using a lightweight cardboard (ie. cereal box).  

Then I traced it onto this soft minky fabric that I already had, cut it out, sewed it up and stuffed it with polyester filling. Half an hour later, here was the result...

I overlapped the "arms" so that his head wouldn't fall straight through the opening. The purpose of this pillow is to keep the back of his head off the bed. I'm planning on adding some velcro to the arms so that they'd stay together when I overlap them.

Although he's only been using it for about 2 weeks. I'm already seeing a huge improvement! His flat side has been slowly rounding out. I use the pillow in his crib and in his bouncer. (Keeping pillows in the crib is not recommended because of SIDS, however my son sleeps pretty still so I haven't had a problem. Use at your own discretion.) 

Have any of you ever had this problem with your newborns? What did you find helpful? :)

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  1. What an interesting product! Thanks for sharing it, Weiya!


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