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Monday, April 22


I know it's been awhile. I wish I could say it's because I've been extra busy, but I'd be lying. Tired and uninspired would be more like it. 

On a happier note, countdown to baby #2 is in the single digits now! :) There are a million things that I feel like I still need to do - mainly things around the house like going through closets and cabinets, purging, organizing, laundry (lots of laundry), more purging (there's nothing more stress-relieving to me than donating/throwing things out!). 

Then there's the hospital bag that's been sitting by our dresser that I need to finish packing...

And trying to deal with my mini-panic attacks from time to time when I realize just how soon baby #2 is coming and how my bonding time with E will never be quite the same... I know he's not even 3 yet, but I already feel like he's growing up too fast. Maybe it's just pregnancy hormones, but even the thought of it has been bringing on immediate waterworks... can any mommies relate? 

So instead of panicking or letting myself get carried away with nesting, the Lord's been reminding me to slow down and take a few moments to turn back to Him, to breathe in His sweet name, to spend more time in prayer... I've been enjoying this passage from The Meaning and Purpose of Prayer:

"To pray is to come to God just as we are... We do not need to pretend when we come to God. To tidy oneself up before contacting God is not the principle of prayer. Prayer does not require self-improvement. The more that we are in our true condition when we pray, the better. Our condition is our condition. To change ourselves is human work. We do not need to change in order to contact God. Our need is God and to let Him change us... As long as we come to Him, He has a way because He is the the way."

And of course having lots of ice cream/bubble tea dates with E lately hasn't hurt either... ;) 

Until next time,


  1. You can do it! :) So happy for you Weiya!

  2. Yay! Glad you are back to blogging. :)
    My oldest isn't 2 yet and we have a 2 month old, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Both of my girls are huge blessings and I know you already know your two are as well. Praying your delivery goes smoothly.



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