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Tuesday, September 3


Back in elementary school, I remember having the most amazing art teacher whose passion for art was contagious.  As soon as we stepped into her room, she would immediately light up and start telling us about all the exciting things we'd be learning and making that hour.  None of us were ever caught chatting or distracted doing other things.  The second class started, we'd all rush to our stations to get our supplies so that we can start.  That hour in art always flew by...

Palette 1    //    Palette 2

Sadly, it was also in that class when I last worked with watercolors. I remember loving it but for some reason never using it again until last week with E.  Putting that paintbrush to paper was like learning how to ride a bike again.  I decided to try out some easy patterns first like the ones above. Here are some close-up shots:

The herringbone pattern is one of my favorites and an easy task for beginners...

Another simple technique is to paint repeating blocks...

I was inspired by Michelle to paint this ... I loved how it turned out! :)

My sad attempt at portraying a bed of roses...

I'm not even sure what I'll be doing with these pieces, but they sure were fun to work on! Now that I started, I'm kind of hooked - so you may be seeing more in the future. Hopefully my technique will improve with time... ;) 

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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  1. I love teachers like that - who's own excitement for the subject they teach infects their students, too! I had a teacher who was really into ancient Egypt and surprisingly she got us interested in it too. (These look awesome, by the way!)


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