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Thursday, September 12


So today's post is mostly a show and tell. I'm here to show you this IKEA Bekvam stool that I recently made over and to tell you how excited I am about it now! I can't take any credit for this look though. I completely "borrowed" it from these adorable stools that I pinned awhile ago. It had my two favorite colors and the crisp clean look that I love. 

All it took was a can of Rustoleum Glossy White spray paint, Martha Stewart's craft paint in Surf, Miniwax Fast-Drying Polyurethane, some painter's tape and paper. (I would also recommend using a primer first. Since I didn't have any on hand, I skipped this step and later regretted it when I had some uneven white patches appear...)

Not bad for a $15 solid wood stool, huh? :) If you like the "dipped" look that's everywhere now, make sure to check out Michelle's version.  I love projects like this!


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