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Friday, October 25


So I haven't had a whole lot of time for projects lately, but I do have some favorite items that I'd like to share with you from this month. 

Folex - If you have kids or pets (or just live with someone who's really messy haha), then you probably already know about this bottle of amazing-ness. My oldest gets nosebleeds almost daily and Folex cleans it up better than anything else I've tried. I've even used it on our bedding for on-the-spot cleaning and it works great. Instead of the usual rubbing, the secret is to generously spray the stain and then soak up the stains with paper towels. It's a great deal when you buy it at Bed Bath & Beyond and use their $5 off $15 coupon. 

Alpine Valley's Multi-Grain with Omega 3 - We tried this bread for the first time at Costco and was really impressed with how delicious it was for being so "healthy." It's chewier and not as dry as others that we've had. It's delicious toasted with a light spread of butter or jam!

Hario Coffee Dripper - I know I've mentioned this before, but we still love making our pour-over coffee. Every morning we use our favorite Ruta Maya Organic Medium Roast (we get ours from Costco) and mix it with a few spoonfuls of honey and frothed milk.  YUM. 

Are you intrigued yet? I've been really into these lately and making it for myself and E everyday. For those of you who do know about these amazing chia seeds, aren't they great?! Will be sharing more about it soon...

AND I just found out that my favorite casual shoe of all time...the Sanuk Shorty in Light Blue...has been marked down from $55 to $25 on Amazon! I've worn mine so much this past year that it's definitely time for another pair... yes I'm buying the same exact pair again. That's how much I love it! 

Have any of you come across any interesting/amazing/life-changing products lately?? I'd love for you to share it with all of us!

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