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Tuesday, June 12


-back cover of book-

Wow. I'm not even sure how I can properly give you all a final recap. In case you missed it, here's Part I: Bringing Up Bebe.  This book was packed with so much common sense helpful tips that even someone without kids would greatly enjoy it! :)   Here are just a few tips that really stood out to me:    
  • Speaking - At a young age, speaking is encouraged over reading. Speaking clearly is equated to thinking clearly. 
  • Greeting Adults - When in the presence of adults and even other kids, children are expected to greet them ("bonjour") and make their presence known instead of hiding in the shadows.   This helps them to build confidence, as well as learn that they're not the only ones with feelings and needs. The French stress this as much as we do with our "please" and "thank you."
  • Snacking - One of the reasons that French kids are such great eaters is because they typically eat only at mealtimes. They don't "snack" the way most kids here do with a bag of cheerios here and a few crackers there.  I'm super guilty of that... especially when E's about to throw a tantrum. o.O If I make it a habit for E to snack all the time between meals, then of course his stomach will always be full when it is time to eat. This will just encourage him to be picky with his food.  
  • Exposure to Foods - At restaurants, kids are expected to order from the regular menu and eat the same variety of food that adults do. It's not that that the French kids all adore their vegetables. Of course most of them all have their preferred foods. However, they don't get to exclude whole categories of textures, colors and nutrients just because they want to. "They [parents] believe that just as they must teach the child how to sleep, how to wait, and how to say "bonjour," they must teach him/her how to eat." p. 202
  • Praise - "Excessive praise... distorts children's motivations; they begin doing things merely to hear the praise, losing sight of the intrinsic enjoyment." - p. 252
  • Education vs. Discipline and Punishment
  • Being Authoritative vs. being an Authoritarian - "The more spoiled a child is, the more unhappy he is." - p. 232
Overall I felt that the book did a very good job of opening our eyes to see that everything we do with our kids now will affect they way they are in the future.  There was so much more that I didn't even get to cover, but I hope that the little bit that I did get to share was enough to motivate you to check out the book for yourself! :) 

If you have any thoughts, comments, and/or questions, please feel free to share! 


  1. Looks interesting. I hadn't heard of it before but I'm thinking of checking it out!

  2. Oooh, sound like it is defiantly worth a read, thank you for sharing with us....

    Claire x

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  4. I really want to read this book! :)

  5. I wish I would have heard about this book years ago. It sounds like a very good helper. lol


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