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Friday, June 8


A friend of mine came over yesterday to hang out and work on a little project. It turned out so cute that I thought I'd share it with you all! :)

She had originally gotten this idea from Pinterest and decided to take on the project after seeing my stenciled cups from last week. My favorite part of this cup has to be the "tea bag string" that she painted on. Seriously, how cute is that?! [Her actual cup didn't have the black outline around the heart. I only added it to help it show up better in the picture.]

And now on to my favorite finds for this week...

 What an easy and creative way to teach time from Learning Ideas Desk Grade K-8!

Here's a great way to save and display your children's artwork without having to store the actual art. Bookmarking this idea for later...

Check out how Brooke from The Little Delights perfectly frosts a cake using a paper towel! This is genius! :D

How cute is this DIY from Jill @ Barnes Yard? Wished I had done this with E...

Revive old paintbrushes by soaking them in hot vinegar! Got this awesome tip from This Old House.


  1. Love them all! Especially the paint brush tip!! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your weekend. Megan

  2. i love those frames of the boys' pictures!
    have a good weekend weiyaweiya!

  3. Thanks for your kind words! Frosting a cake with a paper towel saves so much time and hassle :)

  4. Thanks for sharing these! I am definitely going to have to use the one with the kids art!

  5. Love the footprints, I was all like, awwwwww, I want to do this when I have kids. :) Something about little baby feet.

  6. I love the teacups - that is too cute!


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