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Wednesday, June 27


Since it was just the three of us, I didn't go too crazy with the decor. I kept it simple but colorful enough for picture taking purposes.  I actually drew my inspiration from these cute Kikkerland paper straws that I found at Bed Bath & Beyond. Since Elmo was also red, I decided to go with a red, black and white theme.  I found matching fabric at Hobby Lobby that I used as a backdrop for pictures.  
For the sign on the cake, I bought a Sesame Street coloring book from Target and cut Elmo out from the cover. Using scrapbook paper, paper straws, and some tape, I was able to quickly put everything together.  

Haha you like the backside of it? ;) Here's the cake after E picked off all the strawberries and ate them!

I also made him a little birthday crown to wear... although he ended up wearing it for a total of 30 seconds! Sigh* It was so much easier last year when he didn't have so many preferences! ;) I strengthened the scrapbook paper with some tape before punching a hole through it on both sides.  Then I just used some elastic thread to tie the crown together.  

The whole set-up put together looked like this:

Here it is with balloons and a fabric banner that I made for him last year.  

I thought it'd be neat to have a few birthday decor items present each year... like his banner, birthday plaque, birthday crown, and cake sign. I've been saving his crown and cake sign in a scrapbook I started for him. Hopefully, he'll enjoy looking back on it later on when he's older. :)

So there ya go... our mini-birthday celebration for E! Hope you liked it!


  1. Your decorations turned out really neat! I love the idea of using scrapbook paper to dress up a mason jar.

  2. Love how this turned out Weiya! It looks adorable!!!

  3. How cute and it looks easy to do as well.I am your newest follower come visit me.


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