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Monday, October 7


It's been unusually cool here in Texas and we're totally loving it. :) Although I know it's going to be short-lived, it's been a nice treat and I'm going to enjoy it for as long as I can! One of my favorite things about this time of year - besides getting to bundle up in sweaters and hoodies - are all the hot drinks that I get to enjoy again. Flavored coffees, hot apple cider, hot cocoa, hot tea, tea lattes, etc.  My mouth's watering already. 

So for today, I thought it'd be nice to "grab a hot drink" with you all and connect on a more personal level for a change. Shall we? :)

First off. You would see me walking in with E while carrying little brother in his car seat on my other arm. A little frazzled, but I would smile, wave hi and put in my order before coming over to you. I'd most likely be coming back with a large tea latte of some sort (probably blueberry pomegranate if we were at Coffee Bean) and a chocolate milk and banana bread for E. If we were at Dunkin' Donuts, it'd be coffee with coconut flavoring. If we were at neither, then it'd be a white chocolate mocha instead. Haha I told you I get excited about my drinks. ;)

I would put the boys down, give you a hug and ask you how you're doing. I'd tell you what a weekend it's been and how I'm still a little sore from having my wisdom teeth pulled.  

E would be trying to get over his shyness and peer over to you every once in a while. Then he'd eventually get comfortable and start interrupting us so that I could help him with his banana bread and milk. Little brother would probably be asleep in his car seat. 

I'd tell you how these days, I'm finding myself stopping to enjoy my boys a lot more - putting my laptop away and not taking my phone everywhere I go...

Because Facebook and most social media and I have been in a complicated relationship...most of the times I'm annoyed by them and the amount of time I waste on them.

ALTHOUGH recently a friend did introduce me to these local online garage sale groups on FB and I've been selling items on it left and right! I told you I like purging hehe. 

How everyday, my husband and I are just amazed at the two little human beings we've created together and how thankful we are to the Lord for giving them to us.  

How I've been intentionally using these six words with E lately and what a difference it's made...

And I'd share this article with you if you've been feeling down about motherhood.

How I've been considering lately about our state of living and how much I rather live in a small well-thought-out space with minimal items than in a large house...

And how I've been desperately needing a change and praying to the Lord about it. I know some people really don't like change and like to stay with what's comfortable, but I'm one of those people who crave change... even major changes. Can any of you relate?

But then how this verse in Philippians has been on my mind a lot lately: "Rejoice in the Lord always..." How I need to learn to be happy in the Lord and not by my circumstances.

I'd comment on how depressing TV and current news has been and reminding me just how much we all need the Lord and His mercy and grace these days...

And then on a lighter note, how hard it's been clothes shopping for all of us! For the boys, everything seems to either have skulls or monsters on them. For me, everything's either too thin, too short, too low or too much crazy bling on the tops.  For Danny, it hasn't been as bad...

Where do you all shop??

How much I'm looking forward to watching Pride & Prejudice (BBC's adaptation) with a friend of mine soon... it's been at least 10+ years since I've last watched it.

I've also been in a cooking+creative rut again. Haven't been super-inspired to do much of either - which could explain the lack of posts lately. Although I'd rather have something worth reading for you all then posting fillers... You all agree?

And of course in between all this, you would be filling me in on all that's been going on in your life! What you've been up to, what's been occupying your mind or heart these days, your kids or other important people in your life,etc. :)

Finally we'd say our goodbyes and hopefully have arranged to get together again soon. I'd gather up the boys and will probably take a quick glance over at the mugs/thermoses section of the coffee shop before leaving...because I'm kind of obsessed with collecting mugs haha.

Miraculously one of the boys will start whining and it'd be the Lord helping my husband out so that I'd hurry up and leave without adding another cup to our kitchen. ;)

Hope you all enjoyed our time together!

Until next time,

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  1. I love this post, Weiya! And I totally agree about stepping away from technology to enjoy what the Lord has given us. :) I myself have decided not to blog everyday to keep things a little more simple around here.



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