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Tuesday, July 24


Hi everyone! It's feels like it's been a while since I've done a DIY. Sadly I'm still deciding on what to do with the little nook I mentioned a few weeks back...

I do have an easy painting activity though that I did with E this afternoon.  It's fast and fairly mess-free. ;)

Materials: canvas panel, paint, foam pouncer, glue stick and your child's silhouette (computer print-out of your child's profile)

Directions: Apply glue around the edges of your silhouette and stick it onto the canvas.  (Make sure you're using the washable Elmer's glue stick. Otherwise you may have problems removing the paper silhouette later.)

Have your child start stamping on the colors using the foam pouncers.  I started E with the lighter colors first and then gradually moved him onto the darker shades of green.  

Make sure he/she's stamping around the edges of the silhouette.  

After your child's completely done stamping, gently remove the paper silhouette off the canvas and let the paint dry. 

I'm thinking about adding the number "2" to the blank spot so we'll remember his age. It'd be kind of cool then to make one every year and display them in his room. What do you all think? :D

Until next time,

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