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Tuesday, April 3


I made this dress form last year when I was trying to alter some of my clothes.  At first I was going to just buy one, but for $200 I wasn't sure how many alterations I would have to make for it to be worth it. Plus the dress form would never be exactly my size.

So after doing some research and with the help of my super awesome husband, I present to you my twin!

If you're interested in making one too, first watch this video from Threadbanger and then read on. Because I made this before I started blogging, I apologize for the lack of pictures.    

full roll of duct-tape
plastic shopping bags or trash bags
newspapers or fabric scraps
a large phone book (*optional)
glue and water (*optional)

For this project you will need about 4-6 hours and a very VERY patient helper. :)

Since I wanted my dressform to include my hip as well, I taped two shopping bags together to make it longer.  Following the wrapping technique from the video, have your friend wrap you up with duct tape.  (Note: Don't wrap too tight or you won't be able to breathe later. Also be ready to get really sweaty in there.)

After you're completely wrapped, have your friend carefully cut the dress form down the back all the way so that you can take it off.  Use duct tape to tape it back together afterwards. Tape the neck opening and armpit openings up as well.  

Using newspapers or fabric scraps, start filling the inside of your dress form until it's completely stuffed.  Duct tape the bottom to seal it. 

*Note: If you plan on placing your dress form on a stand, make sure you insert it before sealing the bottom.  Expandable foam can also be used instead of stuffing it with paper or fabric.

At this point you have two options:
  • Leave it and use as is.
  • Decoupage the whole piece using a glue+water mixture and newspaper/phone book strips.
For mine I decoupaged and made a little fabric cover for my dress form. 

Have any of you ever tried making a dress form or plan on making one? Please share tips/tricks if you have any!

By the way, I am SO glad that it's finally April! It is definitely one of my favorite months of the year...I'll share with you why later on this week. :D

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  1. Hi Weiya, stumbled into your site from Best of DIY. Enjoyed reading your site, and loved your smile! I am going to try this dress form one day, haha...


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