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Monday, April 9


Happy Monday, my dear blog friends! I hope you all had a great weekend. We just got back from New Jersey and had the most wonderful time with my parents. My sweet husband planned this little trip so that we could spend my last birthday in my twenties with them. :)

We originally also planned to take a day trip up to Boston, but with E and his distaste for long car rides, we decided to stick around my little town and get some R&R as a family... instead of wasting 10 hours on the road with a fussy baby.

So what did we do everyday? EAT! In between our visits to a beautiful cherry blossom park, a little zoo for E and a small makeover project I was working on for my parents' house, we stuffed ourselves like crazy!!! Anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE to eat. So whenever we're with my parents, they always feed us to our hearts' content. :P

So be prepared for the picture overload... here are a few for your viewing pleasure!

We stopped by this little place called Nizi for lunch one day. Here's my enormous bowl of tempura shrimp udon noodle soup with a side of California rolls.

Another day we went to So Kong Dong and enjoyed a delicious oyster tofu soup and kalbi (Korean BBQ beef short ribs). I could seriously eat this everyday... sigh still drooling as I'm thinking about it.

My mom always love it when we come home and find new places for her to try. We found a charming little Italian restaurant called Trattoria Il Cafone on Yelp and totally loved it! My homemade gnocchi was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G...

For my birthday they got me this yummy red bean cake... do you spy the little green tea macaroon on top? E ate it before I could even get to it!

And of course we always love a good buffet. Every time we're home we eat at Minado's in Little Ferry. (Yes it's the same plate taken at different angles... I just couldn't decide which one was better!)

On our last day we got some dim sum. If you are not familiar with this, it's a style of Chinese food prepared in small portions typically in steamer baskets. They're carted around to each table so that customers can pick whatever they want.

And being coffee lovers, we made sure to get our dose of Dunkin' Donuts! Even though they're also in Texas, it is just NOT the same... not even close. The little shop near our town hall is still by far my favorite place to stop at every time we go home. It's where all the high school kids still hang out, where all the cops in my town go, and where I will forever continue going to whenever I'm back home. Thank you for always making my coffee just right! :D

It was so good to be home again and to have this precious time with my mom and dad.  We missed them a lot and it was sad when we had to say our goodbyes again.  E kept asking for them nonstop after they dropped us off at the airport, but we hope to see them again very soon. :)  For now like my dad says to E, "We're back to being network buddies." ;)   


  1. Happy Bday! looks like you had an awesome time - what's the orange slices in the Japanese meal?

    1. Thanks so much for the bday wishes, M! :) Those orange slices are called Takuan - they're Japanese style pickles made from daikon radishes.

  2. Oh man weiyaweiya... You really did get some good food up there... Yummmmm im droooooling :P


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