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Sunday, February 12


1 Thessalonians 2:4    But even as we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel, so we speak, not as pleasing men, but God, Who proves our hearts.

Recently in my study of 1 Thessalonians, I came across this verse and the Lord has been touching me a lot concerning it.  It speaks about how we have to be approved, or tested, by God first in order for Him to entrust us with the gospel.  Many times, we find ourselves in difficult situations where we feel defeated or frustrated.  Or a lot of times we can't understand why the Lord allows certain things to happen to us. These are the times when God's testing us.  It's not that He doesn't already know what kind of person we are, but so that we would know ourselves. 

I may think that I know myself pretty well, but I actually know very little.  I may think I'm a certain kind of person, but when the Lord puts me to the test, I'm often exposed to how short I really am. Before I considered myself to be very patient and meek, but in reality, I'm very impatient, proud, self-righteous, and self-confident.  Instead of depending and drawing my supply from Him, I rely on myself and my own natural abilities.    

If we do not know our real condition, how can we properly serve the Lord and be used by Him? Only when we pass through these tests ourselves will we have something to preach and to speak to others.  Then our speaking would be to please God and not men.  

May the Lord have mercy on us to open our eyes and remove any veils.

Remove my covering, Lord,
That I may see Thy light,
And be deceived no more,
But all things see aright.

Oh, may Thy living light, Lord,
Scatter all my night, Lord,
And everything make bright, Lord,
For this I pray to Thee.

I hardly know myself;
Deceived so much by pride,
I often think I'm right
And am self-satisfied.

I know Thee even less;
In doctrine, shallowly;
True revelation lack
Of Thy reality.

As for Thy life within,
In darkness I mistake—
If spirit or the flesh,
One for the other take.

As for Thy way, O Lord,
I often am not clear;
I toward seclusion tend
And from the pathway veer.

As for Thy will for me,
I do not know it well;
I substitute my own
And often would rebel.

As for the church, I need
Thy revelation more,
The Body-life to know,
Thy wisdom to explore.

I long to be unveiled,
In everything made clear,
No more to be deceived
Or to my pride adhere.

Much grace,

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