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Monday, January 16


This past Lord's day, we had a wonderful time of fellowship with the saints in Round Rock.  We went over the matter of tithing.  A lot of times, we give because there's a need... for example, the saints need a new meeting hall, the saints in a particular area are suffering from the aftermaths of a natural disaster, etc.  We give, because we feel like we owe the Lord or that He needs our help in these practical matters.  Or sometimes, we feel that it is ok to not give because our budget is too tight and we feel that others who are more blessed can make up for our lack.  

Yesterday, through the sharing of many saints, my eyes were opened once again to see the real reason we give.  The God of the universe does not need our few dollars and cents.  The reason we give is so that we can be delivered from mammon, one of the greatest idols.  In Paul's writing to the Thessalonians, he mentioned their need to turn to God from idols to serve the living and true God (1 Thess. 1:9).  

The enemy uses society to delude us about money.  We live in a system that equates money with happiness.  More money = more happiness = more stability = more comfort.  However, how often do we see that the more money one has, the more he/she is enslaved to it.  Yes, we need money to live and to take care of our daily living.  However, when the need to make and acquire money gains the first place in our heart, then mammon has become an idol to us for we "cannot serve God and mammon." (Matt. 6:24)

"Lord, may You continue to open our eyes and deliver us from mammon.  We want You to have the preeminence in our being in all the matters of our daily living."

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