1. O Jesus Christ, grow Thou in me,
      And all things else recede;
    My heart be daily nearer Thee,
      From sin be daily freed.
    • Each day let Thy supporting might
        My weakness still embrace;
      My darkness vanish in Thy light,
          Thy life my death efface.
  2. In Thy bright beams which on me fall,
      Fade every evil thought;
    That I am nothing, Thou art all,
      I would be daily taught.
  3. More of Thy glory let me see,
      Thou Holy, Wise, and True;
    I would Thy living image be,
      In joy and sorrow too.
  4. Fill me with gladness from above,
      Hold me by strength divine;
    Lord, let the glow of Thy great love
      Through all my being shine.
Make this poor self grow less and less,
  Be Thou my life and aim;
Oh, make me daily through Thy grace
  More meet to bear Thy name.

Lord Jesus, grow more in us today! Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! :)