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Thursday, January 31


I've been feeling really sluggish lately and at first just attributed it to the pregnancy. Then recently at my doctor's appointment, I was told that my iron count was WAY too low. I knew that the prenatals I was taking didn't have iron, but I didn't really consider it to be a big deal. Guess I was wrong... :( 

Hearing that I was anemic kind of freaked me out, so the second we left the doctor's, we went straight to our nearest grocery store. After checking out this helpful site and getting some recommendations from my doctor, I picked up a few items:
  • red meat
  • raisins
  • kale
  • spinach
  • lots of fruit (vitamin C increases iron absorption)
Because I'm so low, I'll have to be on iron supplements and will need to be more aware of what I'm eating everyday. So in attempt to get on a good start yesterday, I threw together this quick smoothie for E and I. 

3/4 C of orange mango nectar 
1/2 C of strawberries
1/4 C of raspberries
1/4 C plain Greek yogurt
half of a frozen ripe banana
1/2 C of chopped kale

*optional: add a tablespoon of agave or honey if you prefer it sweeter

Tonight steak is what's for dinner. Hey it's not bad having an excuse to eat more steak...;)

Talk to you all soon,


  1. I just bought Kale for the first time this week! I plan to make kale chips...if I can get to it before it spoils! Hope you are feeling more energetic with these changes!

  2. Weiya! You have know idea how much I'm thankful for this post! I've been looking for a kale smoothie recipe. I like that there is lots of fruit and not just bunch of greens:)


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