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Tuesday, October 30


It's been so long! How are you all doing?? This month has been quite busy for us - with family and friends coming to stay with us every weekend. As crazy as it's been though, we had such a great time with everyone and loved having all this quality time with them. :)  

This past weekend, we went a local arboretum and enjoyed the beautiful Chihuly glass exhibit that was there. It was amazing to see all these intricate sculptures spread around the gardens. Here are a few pics I snapped for you all...

I've kind of hit a wall with DIYs lately. Honestly just haven't been very inspired to work on anything. Have any of you experienced this before? Hopefully this little lull doesn't last too long! 

Until next time,


  1. What beautiful photos! I hit that DIY block a ton. :) I completely understand. :)

  2. I hope the block passes soon. Beautiful pieces. Hard to believe they are glass. :)


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