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Wednesday, May 30


When I started blogging this January, I didn't really know what to expect or the relationships that would be formed here. This morning I woke up to the sweetest email from a blogging buddy that I've gotten to know and was beyond touched by her generosity and thoughtfulness!

Being new to this community, I was lucky to have "met" a few very successful bloggers. However, a lot of times you get the feeling that it's all just "business" which is totally fine. But once in a while, you stumble upon some who go above and beyond to reach out to you. Even though they're doing super well, they still take the time to help out newbies like myself. ;)

So thank you, dear friend! I am a thousand times grateful to have gotten to know you!

Ok, now on to my little project...

When my husband and I first got married and was living in the Midwest, we had a little apartment by the beautiful Lake Michigan. We made so many wonderful memories there even though our stay was very brief. 

Being newlyweds with our first *temporary* home to furnish, I we were more than excited and drove to the nearest IKEA (which was 2 hours away) the first weekend we moved there. We came home with a futon sofa, a dining table and a few folding chairs. Among some other smaller items I found was this tea cup set in the clearance section! It was marked down to only $2 because it was missing a cup. Not bad, huh? :)

I loved the fact that they were plain so that I could personalize them myself. However after 5 years, they were still hanging out in our cabinet untouched... until this week! :D

The Martha Stewart Craft collection has one of the best stencils I've seen. I'm pretty much in love with everything from her collection...o.O Most of her stuff are pretty pricey though, but if you have enough 40% coupons from Michaels, Joann's, and Hobby Lobby saved up then it's really not that bad.

For this project I used her typewriter adhesive stencils, foam pouncer, and multi-purpose satin acrylic paint in mace and surf (this paint works on everything... no need to buy different kinds of paint anymore!).

Simply adhere your stencils and dab the paint on with a foam pouncer. Peel off the stencils while wet.

On a cookie sheet, bake the cups at 400 degrees for half an hour to set the paint and you're done!

Wasn't that easy? I love how they turned out and use them all the time now! :) Have any of you stenciled anything lately? Love to hear from you!

Wednesday, March 28


My husband and I are both BIG tea drinkers. I make this tea latte (except with agave) for us every night after E goes to bed. Usually we keep our stash of teas in the pantry; however these days it's been getting too crowded in there and I wanted a more accessible place to keep all our teas. We had an empty spot on the counter a few feet away from the stove that I thought would be perfect for a small tea station. 

I had picked up this wooden shelf-looking thing from IKEA a few months ago for $2 in their clearance section. Originally my thought was to place it above our microwave to hold our fruits.  However it turned out to be a little too wide and looked awkward in that space. I kept it anyways... just in case an opportunity like this came up. ;)  

This project literally took me about 20 minutes from start to finish. There was no need to paint since the birch actually matched our kitchen cabinets.  I simply measured and cut out a section of the shelf-liner that I had leftover from my SNIGLAR changing table makeover and adhered it to the surface of the shelf.  I also used the liner to cover the outside of this KRUS container to help keep a more uniform look.  

Here's how it all turned out. What a simple way to give our beloved teas their very own home! It's now my new favorite spot in the kitchen. :D

Have any of you completed any simple DIYs lately that made a huge impact? I'd love to hear from you!

Have a fantastic Wednesday!

Wednesday, March 21


Yesterday I got my first dose of reality as a blogger.  For me this blog feels like my second baby and when you share something so personal to you with the rest of the world... be prepared for comments of all kinds - positive and some not so positive ones.

I was more than honored yesterday when Apartment Therapy featured my Sniglar makeover. Even though my makeover wasn't exactly a "home office," I was still absolutely THRILLED beyond words for the feature! :) Then I started reading some of the responses and my heart just sank.  There wasn't really that many comments nor were they exactly mean or rude... just natural responses I guess from the short synopsis Apartment Therapy provided.  I can understand where some of the confusion came from so I'm not really sure why they bothered me as much as they did.

It was a good lesson to learn though and kind of exposing to see how much I cared for others' good opinions. The Lord touched and shined on my heart a lot and I realized that His good opinion is what I should treasure most. :)

Okie doke, thanks so much for letting me ramble a little... now onto the mini-update! :)

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

When we first moved into our house and started putting together our family room, we gravitated towards calm soothing colors like whites, grays, and blues. We eventually found our gray couches at West Elm, simple white curtains from Target, and an assortment of blue pillows from West Elm and Marshalls. I'm not sure if I picked the wrong shades but somehow the room ended up feeling dark and dreary.

In hopes of brightening up the room, I was inspired by Pinterest and other blogs to add some bright pops of yellow and so began my long chain of DIY projects. From making the cherry blossom canvases to reupholstering an ottoman that I found on Craigslist for $20, you’d think that I would be 100% satisfied with how the room turned out. Sadly I wasn't.

The room looked fine by itself but it didn't really fit in with the rest of the house. That shade of yellow and the design on the fabric seemed to clash with the rest of the decor. I should have planned better and considered our vision for our home as a whole instead of trying out random ideas and putting countless hours into these projects only to regret it later. DIY-er remorse is what I call it.

So last week, after being dissatisfied with the yellow canvases for the last 9 months, I finally decided to take a chance and change the color. Instead of making and paying for brand new canvases, I painted over the current ones with a light shade of blue. It's hard to tell due to the poor lighting (sorry!) but the canvases ended up looking so much better! It gave the whole room a completely different feel and motivated me to make more updates.

It's pretty amazing how a small color change could make such a big difference! Tomorrow I will be sharing with you another way I was able to incorporate this softer and lighter shade of blue into the room. Hope you stay tuned! :)

Much grace,

Tuesday, March 20


*Before you read on, please keep in mind that this is not my permanent desk... mainly just a space where I can do a quick 5 minute email check or a place to sit and relax at. :) And yes, I do realize that the table is higher than most tables. I plan to have the legs cut shorter or to get a higher chair in the future.

This past weekend my husband and I went to IKEA in search of a small storage shelf. I needed a space to hold the items that I would drop off when I came home (such as my keys and diaper bag). Our house lacks a mudroom or even an entry space so my diaper bag inevitably ended up taking a seat on our dining chair (our garage is connected to our informal dining room). My keys would end up on the dining table or in some other place I happen to leave it - which I would end up forgetting the next day. It was time to find a more permanent home to help lessen my frustration everyday.  

We considered getting a small Expedit shelf but the shelves weren't deep enough for my rather wide diaper bag. Then we saw a sofa table that would've worked a little better but we weren't fond of its $200 price tag.

We were ready to give up and head home when we came across the perfect storage solution in the children’s section. Long story short... we ended up coming home with the Sniglar's changing table for $30. My husband actually was the one who saw this and noticed that the two deep layers would work well. At first I thought he was joking and didn’t take it seriously.  However, the more I looked at it the more I liked the simplicity of it. The deep layers would definitely work and plus it would be a great DIY challenge! With some paint, cute shelf-liners, fabric storage containers, a shelf, and a few pieces of wood, I ended up transforming the changing table into a small workspace for our bedroom (complete with a spot for my diaper bag and keys)!

First I got the Sniglar ready for painting by I taping the areas that I needed to protect.

I then sanded down the wood to get a smooth clean surface.

I didn't have any primer on hand and so I had to skip this step. (For all you professional painters out there... pretend you didn't read that!)

I actually bought an alkyd (oil-based) paint by mistake and didn't realize it until I was halfway through painting. (A strong indication that I'm a complete novice in the painting department o.O) I found the paint to be a lot more sticky and streaky; it also took a whole day to dry. The worst part was the horrible stench it left - I'm convinced that my body's fully saturated with VOC by this point. Sigh. :(

Anyways! After the Sniglar was painted, I laid on a cute shelf-liner that I found at Marshall's months ago. At the time I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it - it was just too cute to pass up! Don't you agree?! ;)

To turn the top layer into a tabletop, I added an elevated surface that would be level with the edge around the changing table. I found an old shelf that my husband removed from our garage, took off the frames and laid the shelf-liner on top to match with the table.

To raise the surface high enough to lay level with the edge, I used two pieces of wood left over from my headboard project and wrapped them in a nonskid shelf-liner that I already had. I secured the liner onto the wood with a staple gun.  

There was no need to permanently attach the two pieces of wood to the shelf because the weight of the shelf and the nonskid liner were enough to keep the shelf from shifting.  

I added some fabric containers on the lower level that I already had and cut out the shelf-liner for the labels.  

The gap in the back held my small IKEA lamp and other accessories very nicely.  

Here's how it looks from the side. I think the elevated surface makes it extra cool! ;)  I will be keeping my keys in that spot next to the lamp - still need to find a cute shallow container for them! ;)

My diaper bag will go into one of these containers.  I'm thinking about putting my Ergo carrier in the other.  

When I finally brought in my chair to sit down, I noticed that the tabletop was slightly higher than normal.  I thought about getting the legs cut shorter eventually or maybe just getting a higher chair. Or... maybe just leaving it so it wouldn't encourage me to stay up too late at nights ;) The size of my chair wasn't exactly appropriate either... a stool may work better. But for now I am super happy with the transformation. What do you all think? :)

* * * * * * * *

Also I wanted to thank Lindsay @ Southern Lovely for featuring my headboard project yesterday! Her blog is full of so many cute ideas so make sure to check it out!

Happy Tuesday!

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Friday, March 16


Another week has flown by! TGIF :D Here are a few of my favorite finds this week.

Love this DIY Paint Chip Art that Megan @ Honey We're Home created! Already have my collection of paint chips ready to go...

My mouth cannot stop watering at this lovely sight. CURED MEAT. Enough said. Oh Joy, I wish I go come with you on all your food excursions!

I seriously want to "copy and paste" this cozy family room into our home.  Love the turquoise and coral combination!

Check out this great IKEA hack from Modern Nest.  Great idea to combine two LACK side tables  to look like West Elm's parson cube side table. How cute would it be in a high gloss white?!

Definitely need to remember to do this when E gets older. :)  The wonders of masking tape!

By the way, here's a sneak peek of what I've been working on this week... Can't wait to show you the mini-updates to our family room!

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, January 20


A few months ago, I was searching for a small table set for E to use.  I was weighing my options of either buying a complete set or buying the pieces separately.  I didn't mind having to paint the items myself if it meant the pieces would be cheaper.  IKEA has always been my go-to place for modern yet affordable items.  Here were the cheapest options:

The LATT set was the winner.  (Did I mention that the table top was completely wipeable too?  Love that.)  So later that week, I headed over to IKEA and made my usual stop at the clearance section first...and what did I see??!  Yep, that same set for just $15!  Since it was originally used as the floor display, it wasn't in the best condition.  The wood was chipped in many areas and the table top had a few scratches.  However, it was still sturdy and had no major defects.  I was an extremely happy mommy pushing it to the checkout lane :D.  Here's what it looked like when I brought it home:

Sadly, it took me a whole month before I finally got to working on it.  Finding time to work on projects is super hard when you have a very needy toddler o.O  After a month of looking at it in its horrible state I was determined to start; I took the opportunity during one of his naps!  Here's how it went...

For my project, the materials I used were (most were found at Lowe's):
  • 3M sanding sponge (medium)
  • Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 primer/sealer (I used this because I already had it, however, next time I would choose regular primer paint instead of spray paint to avoid the splotches.)
  • Olympic 8 oz. sample interior ultra white
  • Miniwax 64444 semi gloss polycrylic protective finishes, 1/2 pint  
  • 2 paintbrushes + 2 plastic trays
  • drop cloth
  • dust protection mask
  • about a yard of fabric (preferably outdoor fabric for easy cleaning)
  • 10 round craft mirrors (can be found at Michaels or Hobby Lobby)
  • Elmer's spray adhesive
  • small flat blade 
  • painter's tape
  • 2-3 sheets of newspaper
First, I started out by sanding down the table and chairs over the drop cloth.  (Make sure you wear a protection mask unless you want to be breathing in all that dust!)  This will ensure that your paint goes on smoothly when applied.  I used a piece of dry cloth to thoroughly remove any leftover sand dust. 

Next, I taped down newspapers over the table top and seat tops with painter's tape since I wasn't going to be painting on them.  

After the pieces were ready to go, I carefully primed each piece and let it dry for an hour.  Ok to be honest, I was a little impatient and waited only half an hour.  The pieces were already dried! Really! ;) 

I then started applying the "ultra" white paint. I painted 3 coats for the desired look and then waited an hour for it to dry.  Professionals probably would've waited half an hour to an hour between each coat, but I did not have that luxury.  I had a napping baby who could wake up at any minute!  So, please forgive me as I'm sure you all have much more experience in painting then I do!  

Finally, I applied 2 coats of the polycrylic to seal and protect the paint.  I finished this part just in time before E woke up.  Thank goodness!  

Later that night, after E went to sleep, I picked up from where I left off.  I brought in the pieces and took apart the chairs with the screwdriver provided by IKEA.  It probably was better if I had painted the parts separately, because the paint started tearing a little as I pulled apart the parts.  But oh well... this was the best I could do with the time I had.  

So I slid off the seat cover and sprayed it with the spray adhesive.  I then laid it facing down on the fabric I had picked for the seat tops and cut around it.  I found this cute fabric at Joann's awhile back when I was trying to make shoes for E.  I loved it so much, but wasn't able to find any other uses for it later on since it was kind of "kiddie-ish." 

Unfortunately, this last part of sliding the fabric covered seat back on was the most frustrating part of the whole process.  It took a lot of huffing and puffing and the help of my small blade for it to finally slide through the little slits o.O.  Here was the result:

Then I remembered I had some left over craft mirrors from a previous project and decided to use it for a little extra character :)

What do y'all think?? I personally love it :D It's one of my favorite DIY results yet!  The whole process took me about a total of 6 looOonng hours, but when E woke up the next morning and saw it, his "WooOoaahh" made it all worth it :)