1. DoginaDogLarge

    DIY Faux Malachite Knobs

    Cooking spray used to set manicure

    Fresh as the dew of the morning,
      Bringing a sweet rest unheard,
    Christ, in the gentle anointing,
      Whispers His comforting word:
    Stand till the trial is over,
      Stand till the tempest is gone,
    Stand for the glory of Jesus,
      Stand till the kingdom is won.
    • Lord of all hope,
      O how sweet is Thy voice,
      Making my heart
      In Thy presence rejoice.
  2. If in the test of my trouble,
      Faint be my spirit and heart,
    Faith, with the star of hope glimm’ring,
      Shall all be taken apart,
    May then Thy faith with Thy life-pow’r
      Over me hold its full sway
    That all Thy riches of glory
      Now I may share and for aye.
  3. Lord, as the morning sun dawning,
      Chase all my darkness away,
    And with Thy kind wings of healing
      Turn all my night into day.
    Come Thou, O come, Lord of comfort,
      Come to my sad, weary heart,
    Come, O Thou blest hope of glory,
      Never, O never depart.