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Thursday, July 4


It's crazy how fast time can pass but then also seem to drag on forever. Most of you that have been following along for awhile probably noticed that I was gone a lot this past year. This second pregnancy was definitely more difficult than my first. I had intense nausea and was unable to eat or drink anything. Saltine crackers, dry sugary cereal, ginger ale, you name it - all did nothing for me. I was also extremely sensitive to smells. I avoided opening our fridge if at all possible. Cooking was pretty much nonexistent in our house unless you count boiling.  Nausea meds didn't work for me either and I spent the majority of my first trimester in bed. I lost around 15 pounds during this time.  Oh and I was on Lovenox this entire pregnancy... NOT fun. 

It didn't start getting better until midway through my second trimester. The nausea became more bearable and I was slowly able to function again.  I still didn't have much of an appetite but at least was able to hold down more food.  (Donuts and coffee count, right??) 

As slow as it seemed, I eventually made it to my third trimester. Little brother came early just like E... except his arrival was a whole different experience. I will spare you the details, but "FAST and FURIOUS" is the best way that I can describe it. If you're still curious, email me. ;) 

And just like that, 10 months passed. Life's been a little busier...a lot more tiring... but we are all so happy and thankful to the Lord that he's finally here. :) 

Before I close this topic here on my blog, I thought I'd share some practical tips regarding what I packed in my hospital bag and some newborn items that I found helpful in this first month.  


  1. Great suggestions, Weiya. I always love to hear what everyone packs in their bags. :)

  2. We love the Burt's Bees sahmpoo too! I'm curious to try that healing lotion. My husband is allergic to lavender, so we can't use the B. Bees lotion.


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