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Thursday, February 7


I woke up this morning reminded of this hymn. Every morning when we wake up, there's always something that's drawing us - whether it's our phone, emails, rushing to get breakfast ready for the family, our kids, to-do lists for the day, work, school, etc. Then throughout the day, even more things just draw our hearts and attention away from the Lord - filling our days with unrest and anxiety instead of life and peace. (Rom. 8:6)

This is such a sweet hymn to pray every morning... to be reminded to start our days with Him. :) While we're brushing our teeth or making breakfast, we can quietly pray, "Lord, draw us today..."

Draw me, dear Lord.
Draw me today.
From everything else, dear Lord,
Draw me away.

O Lord, this whole world
Seems to weigh me down.
All the cares, the strife the sin,
Within me and all around.

But, Lord, I want to set my heart,
And, Lord, I want to stay with You.
’Cause only when You’re near to me
Is everything okay.

And though everything may fall apart
Or everything go my way,
It doesn’t really matter, Lord,
As long as I gain You today.

Much grace,


  1. Thank you for the beautiful picture of Bleeding Hearts. We still have a foot of snow and it is turning to slush. Your picture reminds me that spring is coming! Also, thank you for the hymns that you post. I'm not familiar with most of them. A few weeks ago you posted "He knows, He knows." I have the words taped next to my desk and written in my journal. I even went to the original site and listened to the piano version of it. What a walk with the Lord the author must have had. Thanks for putting your message and these old hymns out for us enjoy and take comfort in.

    1. Awww I'm so glad that the hymn has been such a source of supply and comfort to you. :) Many times in my lowest moments, I find the Lord speaks to me in these hymns too. Much grace to you, Linda!

  2. Love this pretty good...I find myself distracted in the morning with Internet stuff, but I have been trying to curb that. Thank you


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