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Sunday, February 24


Hope everyone's weekend is going well. :) Sorry for missing my Friday Treats series this week. E's been under the weather and I've just been plain tired. This little eggplant baby is wearing me out already! These days I really REALLY look forward to our morning coffee. As some of you may remember, we transitioned from our old Mr.Coffee to our Hario coffee dripper last year and we've never looked back. We love the simplicity of it and the fact that it just makes a great cup of coffee. :) 

p.s. Since I am pregnant, I always make my cup after my husband's so the coffee's much more diluted by then. It's a lot lighter but still soOo good. 

Tiredness hasn't been a bad excuse to avoid cooking on weekends though. ;) We enjoyed some yummy dim sum yesterday...

I will be back tomorrow with a Blogger tutorial that I've been working on for a reader. Hope you all will find it helpful as well! 

Until then,


  1. Sounds like some delicious food you've had this weekend. Hope everyone is feeling better. Megan


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