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Monday, July 9


Over the weekend, I got to spend time with some junior high girls at church.  We talked about how often times we can lose our joy as Christians.  However it's not that the Lord left us or that we did something to lose our salvation, but there may be some sins that are blocking our fellowship with God or we may have done something to grieve Him in our spirit.  

The Lord is not concerned with our sins or what we've done wrong, but the fact that these sins separate us from Him.  In the Old Testament, after Adam and Eve disobeyed God and were hiding from Him, He did not ask what they did wrong but rather where they were. 

Even though man fell and got injected with the sinful nature, Christ, as the spotless lamb, paid the price for us and took care of our debt to God.  1 John 1:9 - "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness."  

So what do we do whenever we feel that we've lost our joy? Do we just stay depressed, make ourselves feel bad for dong something wrong, or do nothing at all? No! We need to immediately repent and apply His precious blood. Because He is righteous, He has to forgive us... and not only does He forgive, He forgets. :) 

After we confess, we need to feed on His Word to be supplied. Often times when we find ourselves sad or down, it's a huge sign that we're hungry and in need of God's Word. :) Then we need to spend time with Him in prayer - pouring out our heart and spirit to Him. Finally, we need fellowship with others who love and enjoy Christ.  He has made us members of His Body; only when we're in the Body can we receive the life supply and joy from the Lord.

"Real fellowship is not a duty, but an enjoyment - the greatest joy on earth." :)

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On a creative note...

You probably have noticed, but I haven't shared a lot of DIYs lately. I know, it makes me sad as well. :( Between running after E, adjusting to his newly found "independence," starting potty training and then taking care of some cooking needs on the side, I've been really missing time to just sit down and create something with my hands. You ever feel like that? 

Well last Friday, I was having some girls over and thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to pull out some paints! Walmart has these awesome canvas panels that come in a 3 pack for $3.50.  I always have some on hand, because hey painting on paper's just not quite as fun. ;) 

Check out these cute creations that they came up with: 

Unfortunately mine was not quite as creative... but I still had fun!

Much grace to you all this week!


  1. Fellowship is wonderful and certainly a gift from God. Thanks for sharing this sweet post!


  2. Super cute! I could use some help maintaining joy, so thanks for the reminder :)


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