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Thursday, July 12


When my husband and I made the switch over to the Hario Coffee Dripper, we no longer needed our old Melita coffee filters. I decided to re-purpose them and make those puff balls that I've been seeing all over blog land and Pinterest. Normally, they've been used to cover paper lanterns like this one from
Modern Jane:

Since I didn't really need a lantern, I decided to make a miniature one with a plastic cup. I've been wanting to redo this little nook in my dining room anyways (it was starting to look a little too museum-ish) and a hanging puff ball seemed like a great start! :)

Materials: 80-100 coffee filters, glue gun, glue stick, plastic cup, sturdy thread, beads, Xacto knife & needle (not shown), hole puncher ( I was initially going to hang my battery-powered LED lights inside the ball, but changed my mind. The holes were to help the light shine out.)

Instructions: Flip the cup upside down. Scrunch up a filter around a glue stick and then adhere it to the plastic cup using hot glue.  Use the glue stick to push it down to save your fingers from getting burned. Start from the top (bottom-side of the cup) and repeat layer by layer until the whole cup is mostly covered.  The bottom will be empty of course. 

Using an Xacto knife, make two slits on top (on the base of the cup). To hang the ball, thread the needle and pull it through the slits. You can either hang it as is or slide beads through the thread to make it stand out more. Since mine was light I just hung it up with a thumbtack.  

I had found a magnetic board in IKEA's clearance section the other day and thought this spot would be great for sharing pictures that would've otherwise been on our fridge.  Now the pictures are more view-able and safe from any kitchen splatters. ;) 

I'm still planning on updating this spot some more. Maybe a stenciled background or just stenciling the magnetic board itself? 

What do you all think? I'd love to hear your suggestions! :) 

Have a great night!


  1. Stenciled or my be a bold color? I've been wanting to stencil my entry or my TV's wall.

  2. Yes I agree, a stenciled background or bold color would really make it pop! Or a stencil in a blog color!! Love the way your puff came out, so cute!

    Wanted to let our know the plaque arrived the other day and is just lovely. Thanks so much!!

  3. That is pretty, sticking amazing. That would be so pretty for a party and you could dye the coffee filter colors. Cute idea.


  4. Definitely stencil the background! Your puff ball turned out so cool :)

  5. I'm SOOOOO loving this Weiya!! You did a FABULOUS job!!! Love the step by step!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!!

  6. You did AWESOME! I agree the stencil will really make it pop! I'm so impressed! Xo, Aimee


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