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Tuesday, May 29


Hi friends! I hope you all had a restful long weekend. We've been pretty busy all week so I apologize for being a bit MIA. I needed a little break and some time to recharge. We finally had yesterday to ourselves and decided to take E out for some quality time... just the three of us. :)

My husband and I try to keep E's life as simple as possible. We keep a lot of things to a minimum - his activities, his toys, his clothes, etc. We want him to learn to be satisfied with what he has and not always in the mode of wanting more or needing to be entertained 24/7.

Once in a while though, we do take him out for something a little *extra* and yesterday was one of those days. :)

Since E LOVES animals, we decided to check out the gift shop outside the Rainforest Cafe. Yes you read right... the gift shop! No tickets required or the need to spend hours on the road. I know a it's not real zoo or museum, but really...

E's not even 2 yet. ALMOST... but not yet. 

Fake animals are less terrifying and overwhelming... 

Plus there were some pretty awesome aquariums inside the shop that E was just mesmerized with. Hey at least the fish were real. ;)

We learned about the different animals (elephants, birds, crocodile, gorillas, etc.) and used them to work on his counting and identifying the different colors.

He also found these little guys while walking around with daddy and had a blast playing with them - moving their arms and legs around, lining them up in a row, talking and smiling at them. His little friends ended up coming home with us...

We left shortly after and stopped for some lunch before heading back. We got home just in time for his afternoon nap.
It really didn't take much, but E was happy and that made us happy. :) As he grows older, we'll adjust of course according to how he is... but for now, this works for him and we're glad.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

By the way, have you all heard about the newly launched Better Blogger Network? I just joined and have been enjoying their posts so much! I especially loved this cute quote they shared last week:

Also one last thing. I usually dread asking for favors and even as I'm typing this I can feel my face turning red, but...

If you haven't already "liked" my FB page yet, I'd be so so SO grateful if you'd take a minute and do that for me. For some reason, FB requires me to have at least 30 likes before I can gain better access to my page. o.O

To those who already have, THANK YOU so very much!!! :) :) :)

Be back tomorrow with a fun DIY involving stenciling! 


  1. Yay for quality time!!! Love the little animals!!! Of course you know that I already LOVE your Facebook page :)

  2. Rainforest Cafe seem awesome...we have one here too. FB is's also required 30 likes to get my own username, because I already have one for my personal. I'm still working on my FB page, but I did like your FB page.

  3. I don't access to FB from here but if I did I would. I like the way your doing things with E.


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