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Friday, April 20


Hey friends! :) How was your week? I've been trying to spend more time with E on learning his alphabets since he's been calling every letter an "O." Sometimes I think he says that just to mess with me though. Yes, my 22 month old already knows how to mess with his mommy...

Anyhow! I'm so excited to share with you some of my favorite finds/links this week! For my blogging friends, make sure you check out PicMonkey if you haven't already... it's awesome! :)

1) Love this simple and delicate sterling silver curved bar necklace by Junghwa.

2) Check out this super creative sunburst mirror by MeiJo's Joy using cardboard and sequins!
3) Calming Jar by Robyn... something that maybe I E needs during his time-outs...
4) What a cool diy baby shower gift by Valerie @ Boogaboo!
5) Personalized Wall Decor by Petit Collage... another adorable baby gift to give!
6) is currently one of my favorite online editing tools. Just drag your picture in and have fun exploring all the possibilities!

Next week, I'll be sharing recipes of some of my favorite spicy dishes with you all! Here's one of the ingredients that I made myself:

Have a lovely weekend! :)


  1. I love all of those ideas! Especially that sunburst mirror. :) Megan

  2. Ooo gotta try picmonkey! Have a good wkend weiyaweiya!

  3. Wow! I'm so honor to be featured...Thanks..You are so sweet!


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