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Tuesday, April 17


Today I am linking up with Centsational Girl and sharing our favorite kitchen gadgets! Here are my top four favorites that I use the most:

1) Tatung Rice Cooker - Almost every Chinese/Taiwanese family swears by it and almost every one of them has at least one... or in my parents' case three! I'm not even sure if there's anything that you CAN'T cook in this thing. I've seen my parents make rice, soups, stews, steamed buns and veggies, and even fry noodles straight in this pot. I personally loved it for steaming veggies and fruits for E when I had to make his baby food.

2) Aerolatte Milk Frother - Like many of you know, my husband and I are HUGE coffee and tea drinkers. We grind up fresh Ruta Maya coffee every morning and usually have an earl grey tea latte every night. For the longest time, we would use the typical Coffee Mate creamers. (coconut's our favorite!) However this past winter, I replaced my Bodum milk frother with this Aerolatte and have been the biggest fan of frothing ever since! There's something about warmed frothed milk that completely transforms our coffee and tea experiences. I can honestly say that I haven't felt the need to stop by Starbucks or any coffee shops since I started frothing! :D

3) Michael Graves Mortar & Pestle - I love how easily this grinds up ingredients that I frequently use like peppercorn and fresh herbs! I also use it to grind up dried herbs to help release more flavor. Plus it makes me feel like a real chef. ;) I found this one at Marshall's for $8!

4) Back to Basics Ice Shaver - Shaved ice is one of my favorite things to eat during the summer. We love it piled with lots of ripe mangoes and sweetened condensed milk! Yum!

What kitchen gadgets/tools can YOU not live without?! Come link up and share! :)


  1. I so agree with you about the milk frother ... we've even traveled with ours before! and still I never even thought about it for my Centsational Girl post!

    The shaved ice machine is a new concept to me and with our temps already 90+ some days it sure sounds refreshing!


  2. Oh I am with you on the Hawaiian shaved ice machine. We loves ours and make our own syrups. My kids love summer when I crack it out.

  3. Hi,
    I found your blog post on “DIY Bulletin Board” featured on iheartorganizing’s blog and loved, and been meaning to comment on it.

    As for "Favorite Kitchen Gadgets" I'm with you on the rice cooker and Mortar & Pestle.


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