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Monday, April 30


Now that E's approaching two and understanding a lot more, my teacher instincts have been kicking back in. ;) He's already picked up a lot simply with us reading to him, but we've never really focused on anything specific. I wanted to create an interactive spot in our house where I can work with him on his letters, numbers and colors.

In our family room, we have this empty wall beneath our counters that seemed like the perfect spot. It was at his level and set apart from the rest of the dining room.

Now the problem was figuring out how to make this spot blend in with our family room. If this were a typical classroom, then I'd have no problem going all out and making it kiddie-ish and cute. But this was our family room and where we spent 90% of our time. This was where we held our bible studies, where we entertained, where we relaxed...

I wanted to keep this space simple, clean, but functional. I also wanted a surface that I could use magnets, thumbtacks, or even staples on it. Here's what I finally came up with:

Materials: corkboard, primer, spray paint, painters tape, fabric, 2 metal rulers, decorative paper or shelf-liners, newspapers, spray adhesive, and gorilla glue

Directions: Before spray-painting, tape down the corkboard area with painter's tape and newspapers. Prime the frame first and then spray-paint with your desired color. 

Use spray adhesive to adhere the fabric onto the board (make sure you protect the frame with painters tape first before spraying). Tuck the extra fabric under the frame with a ruler or butter knife. 

(By the way, do any of you recognize this fabric? It's the same one that I used for the linen wreath, the upholstered chair, and laundry curtains! )

Instead of buying metal strips, I found a cheaper solution by using metal rulers. They were light and the perfect length for my 2 x 3 board. I covered them with some adorable shelf-liner that I had found at Marshalls.  

I then attached the rulers using gorilla glue for a strong bond.

After the rulers bonded, I attached the board onto the wall using these AWESOME Command velcro strips. No need to put holes in the wall or worry about damage when I decide to take the board down.  Seriously, I love these strips!

And that's it! Easy wasn't it?! Currently I am using the top strip to hold E's "artworks." ;) This is how I'm keeping it for now, but I will update you all as I add on to it.

What do you all think? How do you all incorporate your kids' space into your adult space? I'd love to hear your tips!

Enjoy your last day of April!


  1. Weiya,

    Just wanted to say I became a new member of your blog. I love this center you created for your son! How special and creative! :)


    1. Thanks so much, Stephanie! :) You're too sweet!

  2. This looks good. It is non-invasive into the family room and gives your E his own space in that room.

  3. I like this idea. It's so much more accessible to the little ones than the fridge. ;)

    Thanks for sharing at Time Travel Thursday.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  4. Fantastic.. love it!!! The magnetic strips I am gonna make. Cant wait... Where did you get the magnets from?

    1. Thanks so much, Maxine! I got the clips from a teacher store... I can't remember exactly which one though. The round ones were from Staples about two years ago. :D Hope that helps!

  5. The metal rulers are an excellent idea. I like them even without the contact paper. Very cool! Thanks for sharing this idea.


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