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Wednesday, February 29


Last year I bought a cork bulletin board to use above my desk.  It held a collection of pictures that inspire and motivate me. The board itself however was very plain and I've been wanting for months to give it a little makeover.  I loved what Lindsay @ Aubrey + Lindsay's Blog and Courtney @ A Thoughtful Place did to theirs and decided to try it out with some leftover fabric that I already had from a previous project

Here's what I used: 
  • about a yard of fabric
  • multi-purpose spray adhesive
  • staple gun
  • upholstery nails (about 120)

The first step was to trim my fabric to size. I left about 3 inches on each side.

I then ironned my fabric so that it would look clean and crisp. 


Next I sprayed a thin layer of adhesive onto the entire surface of the cork board. To protect the frame, I used a thick paper to block it while I sprayed.

I then smoothed out the fabric onto the board; working from the center to the edges.  

I drew a faint line across all four sides to ensure that my upholstery nails go in straight. 

I started out by first pinning down the four corners. Then I worked my way in (Excuse the wet spot to the right. I oversprayed in that one section. o.O).

After all the nails are pushed in, I pulled the fabric tight and secured it to the back with a staple gun. 

I folded my edges in for a clean finish. 


Here's my updated board up close! I totally love it!


Happy Wednesday,


  1. Gorgeous! Found this on Thrifty Decor Chick! Love this bulletin board! And I love your blog!!! Looking forward to seeing more of your projects!

  2. So chic and I love the choice of fabric! It must make you smile daily!


  3. Thanks so much for your kind words, Jen! It DOES make me smile! :D

  4. totally LOVE your board! Pinning it to save it for future project inspiration! :)

  5. LOVE IT!!! The fabric is amazing too!!! I've never used spray glue before... is it tricky to use?

    Thanks for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality!!

    1. Thanks, Christine! It's super easy to use, just make sure you're in a well-ventilated area :)

  6. Love this project! I just snagged some cork tiles from Lowe's on my lunch hour to do this project. I searched pinterest and found yours. I love how you used the tacks as well. Megan

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  8. Love this! I started a little corkboard makeover last night and I love the idea of adding the nail head trim. Great job!


  9. Looks awesome! I would love to know the name of the fabric!

  10. What kind of tacks did you use...mine are too long..and they won't bend over..:o(

  11. I just bought a corkboard to put on a door. Your fabric idea will make it look so good.


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